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20 Little Things About Me


I love reading “facts about me” posts. To be honest, I’d rather know the tiny, interesting details about someone than to know just general information. Since I just started this blog, I figured it would be appropriate to go ahead and make one myself!

1. I am really short. I’m 23, but I’m only 5 ft tall. I used to be really self-conscious about it, but I’m learning to embrace it.

2. I am really obsessive over TV Shows. I’m currently obsessing over Twin Peaks.

3. I dont’t drink soda. It is one habit that I am so relieved I broke. I only drink tea, coffee, and water mostly.

4. I’m a cheap wine enthusiast.

5. I planned (and was on the way) to majoring in psychology. Most of the people I talked to discouraged me because of the job outlook, so I switched to information technology with a minor in psychology. I am still really interested in psychology and criminology, and sometimes I wish I would have continued with it.

6. I am an autumn gal. I just have this thing about being cozy, and I think autumn is the coziest season. I love the leaves turning orange and seeing pumpkin patches while driving and drinking coffee while covered in blankets and reading by the fire.

7. I also really love the color orange.

8. I collect coffee mugs. It’s really becoming a problem because of my lack of space. I also collect quotes. My “quote book” has almost five hundred quotes so far, and is probably my most prized possession. I cannot wait until I (maybe) have a kid and pass it along.

9. I adore cats and I have two, Kiki and Greyson. Kiki is almost 15 and Greyson will be 2 this October. Kiki is black and white, and as his name suggests, Greyson is grey.

10. I am extremely quiet. Extremely introverted. Extremely anxious. Okay. Enough.

11. My left eye is bad, while my right eye is fine so my glasses only have one real lens in them.

12. I have taken classes in German. Grüß dich!

13. My aunt lives in the Keys, and I love snorkeling there. I plan on getting my scuba diving license!

14. Actually, number 13 might never happen as I am terrified of sharks. I live 5 minutes from the beach, but I am perfectly fine with letting them rule the oceans so I hardly ever get in the water (besides the clear water in FL.)

15. I prefer the mountains. Hopefully, I will live there in the future.

16. I read a lot. I am working to attain my Masters of Library Science.

17. Nighttime is my favorite, but my favorite foods are breakfast foods. Breakfast for dinner = heaven.

18. I love the holidays. Anything dealing with Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas makes me so happy. October through February are the best months.

19. I love bananas.

20. This took me way longer to write than I thought it would.

Tell me about yourself! What is your favorite quote?
What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?


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